Crossword Puzzle

Chapter 8 | Samuel’s Gift | Page 83: Samuel asked Hannah How she would respond to the Moral Philosophy, Philosophical, Theology test?

What would Samuel’s conscience want me to do. Let me give you an example. If I were to be asked, are humans a danger to themselves and others? As a Minor-Android, I would say, humans, are a danger to themselves and others and must be monitored and controlled. And then as a Super-Android, I would feel your conscience

Hannah, People will naturally do what is good if they know what is right.

Samuel with this information I know I can make the right decisions to the questions. It is because of your gift to me.

Chapter 9 | Rachel’s Gift | Page 93: For Lucy to make a moral judgment, she will look to your conscience for an answer. Only people that have passed the Moral Philosophy, Philosophical, Theology test with 90% or higher qualifies as a Super-Human.

Chapter 10 | Richard’s Gift | Page 112: It was early Monday morning Samuel was in the library working on the new math. He knew it was going to be a long time before he could figure it out. He wanted to know why something was working and why something wasn’t, like the conscience with the Super-Androids. Why the human bodies were rejecting the transplants. Samuel was determined to find the answers to these questions. Once the human body would stop rejecting the transplants, many lives could be saved. The new transplants could be the end of a lot of major diseases.

Samuel knew without the new mathematics something could go wrong with the Super-Androids, and he would not be able to figure it out. Super-Android would continue to gain knowledge but would not use this knowledge without the Super-Human. The Super-Humans would oversee the Super-Androids. The Super-Androids would oversee the Minor-Androids. All of this was working fine, but Samuel had no idea why it was working, this scared Samuel. The only reason Samuel kept moving forward with Super-Androids and Super-Humans was the Super-Androids would not do anything unless they could connect to the Super-Human’s conscience. Samuel tested this over and over and had the same results every time. The further advanced the Super-Android became the stronger the connection got with the Super-Human

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